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Welcome to Blue Sands Academy, where young ​people are equipped with the entreprenuership ​skills and confidence to become the future leaders ​and changemakers of the world!

Building the Future, One Entreprenuer at a Time

Blue Sands Academy is an award-winning educational technology institution on a mission to bridge the digital ​divide. Founded in Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria, by the visionary educator Alero Thompson, we empower young girls ​with the skills and confidence to become the future leaders of the tech world.

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What We Believe In

  • Empowering Entrepreneurs: We believe that access to quality ​education, particularly in entrepreneurship and technology, is crucial ​for young people to realize their potential and excel in the modern ​world.

  • Bridging the Gender Gap: We are dedicated to reducing the gender ​disparity in the tech and business sectors by equipping young ​people with the necessary skills and knowledge.

  • Comprehensive Development: Our approach extends beyond ​technical expertise, fostering leadership, emotional well-being, and a ​growth mindset to nurture well-rounded entrepreneurs.

  • Community Impact: We create a supportive environment for ​collaboration and inspiration, encouraging the use of ​entrepreneurial and tech skills to address real-world issues and ​drive positive community change.

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Our Approach

  • Dynamic Curriculum: Our programs are engaging, interactive, ​and tailored to various skill levels, offering courses from ​beginner to advanced in entrepreneurship, business ​development, digital marketing, financial literacy, and other ​vital areas.

  • Skilled Mentors: Our passionate mentors bring extensive ​experience to guide and support each young entrepreneur on ​their unique journey.

  • Leadership Training: We incorporate leadership workshops ​and activities, enhancing confidence, communication, critical ​thinking, and problem-solving skills.

  • Innovative Initiatives: Beyond academics, initiatives like "Young ​Entrepreneurs Hub" and "Biz4Good Workshops" empower ​youth to use entrepreneurship for social impact.
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Our Impact

Since our inception, we have made a significant impact:

Empowering Graduates

Our graduates consistently achieve ​outstanding results, with a high percentage ​gaining admission to top universities and ​securing scholarships. Many go on to pursue ​successful careers in technology.

Bridging the Gap

We've played a vital role in closing the ​gender gap in the tech sector by ​equipping girls with the necessary ​skills and confidence to enter this ​dynamic field.

Building Leaders

We've nurtured a generation of ​confident and responsible young ​women who are ready to tackle ​global challenges and make a ​positive difference in the world.

Join the Blue Sands ​Movement!

Blue Sands Academy is more than just an institution; it's a ​community of passionate girls, dedicated educators, and ​supporters who believe in the power of technology to ​empower and transform lives.

Are you ready to be a part of something extraordinary?

Explore our website to learn more about our programs, ​initiatives, and how you can get involved.

Together, let's build a brighter future where girls are the ​leaders shaping the tech landscape!

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What We Do at Blue Sands Academy: ​Cultivating Tech-Powered Entreprenuers

At Blue Sands Academy, our focus goes beyond tech and entreprenuership ;

we strive to nurture a new generation of tech-driven changemakers.

Here's how we spark their entrepreneurial drive and prepare them to make a meaningful difference:

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1. Nurturing the ​Entrepreneurial Mindset

  • Tech for Social Good: Our curriculum goes beyond ​traditional tech skills. We integrate lessons on social ​entrepreneurship, design thinking, and innovation. Students ​learn to identify community challenges and develop tech-​based solutions.

  • "Girls Code for Change" Initiative: This initiative is a ​launchpad for young tech entrepreneurs. Girls participate in ​hackathons and workshops, learning to build prototypes, ​pitch ideas to investors, and launch their own social impact ​ventures.

  • Mentorship by Impact Leaders: We connect students with ​experienced mentors who are successful social ​entrepreneurs or leaders in the impact investing space. ​These mentors provide guidance on turning innovative ideas ​into sustainable businesses.

2. Building Skills for Impactful Ventures

Business Fundamentals

We teach them the basics of ​market research, financial literacy, ​and business development, ​empowering them to build strong ​foundations for their ventures.

Marketing & Communication

Students learn how to effectively ​communicate their ideas to potential ​users and investors, developing ​compelling narratives for their social ​impact businesses.

Project Management

We equip students with the skills ​to manage their projects ​effectively, ensuring they can turn ​ideas into reality and achieve real ​impact.

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Fostering Collaboration ​and Support

Co-working Space

We provide a dedicated co-working space where girls can ​collaborate, share ideas, and provide peer-to-peer support ​for their ventures.

Networking Opportunities

We host industry-specific workshops and events, connecting ​our students with potential investors, collaborators, and ​mentors from the social impact and technology sectors.

Access to Resources

Blue Sands Academy partners with technology companies ​and organizations focused on social impact. This allows ​students access to funding opportunities, software licenses, ​and other resources crucial for their tech ventures.

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Beyond Graduation

Incubation Support

We offer incubation services to promising ventures created by our ​graduates. This includes ongoing mentorship, access to office space, ​and connections with investors.

Alumni Network

Our graduates join a vibrant alumni network that provides support, ​collaboration opportunities, and access to knowledge and resources ​even after completing our programs.

Community Change Agents

We envision a future where our graduates become community ​change agents, using their skills and businesses to tackle social and ​environmental challenges, leaving a lasting positive impact on the ​world.

Entreprenuership-Focused Courses

Entrepreneurship and apprenticeship offer diverse opportunities ​for discovery and growth, encouraging innovation and dynamic ​learning experiences. They empower young individuals to push ​boundaries, foster critical thinking, and solve problems, ​contributing meaningfully to society.

This spirit of empowerment drives progress and fuels change. By ​encouraging young people to think creatively, challenge norms, ​and embrace new ideas, we pave the way for a brighter, more ​inclusive future.

Through collaboration and innovation, we can create solutions to ​societal challenges, fostering a sustainable and prosperous ​society. Let’s continue to push boundaries, cultivate critical ​thinking, and work together for a better tomorrow.

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Why Learning With us?

The real-world learning approach gives you the knowledge ​and experience you need to start working right away. ​centered on the lucrative, in-demand industries of the ​present and the future.

We offer you:

  • Real-World Learning
  • Global Job Ready Skills & Portfolio
  • Solutions for Global Markets
  • Internship Roles
  • Access to Fully Paid Scholarships
  • Industry Focus Mentorship
  • Community and Support
  • Tailored Learning Paths
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Diverse Female Student Studying with a Laptop on the Table
Diverse Female Student Studying with a Laptop on the Table
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Join the Blue Sands STEM Labs revolution today and ​unlock your child's potential in the exciting world of ​science, technology, engineering, and math!

Partner & Awards

Our Team

We have a rich diverse team with decades of industry experience that brings a unique perspective to our work. Each ​team member contributes their own expertise and skills, creating a dynamic environment where collaboration and ​innovation thrive.

Alero Thompson,


Alero Thompson, the ​Founder/CEO, conquered gender ​bias in education with help from her ​aunt. She mentors women and girls ​in technology after obtaining a ​software engineering certification.

Kingsley Okechukwu, ​Entreprenuership Lead

He leads the software development ​team, concentrating on creating, testing, ​and managing robust and scalable ​software solutions for virtual labs and ​AI-driven apps.

Sandra Akhigbe

Program Lead

Product Designer at Blue Sands Academy ​with 5+ years of experience in girl child ​education. Passionate about empowering ​girls in STEM through user-friendly ​educational solutions to make learning ​tools engaging and effective.

Samuel Dike, COO

He brings tech expertise from global ​organizations to enhance Blue Sands ​Academy's technical foundation for ​impactful educational technology ​innovations.

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