Ogombo Community Girls Training

Ogombo Community Junior Secondary School
In 2021, after the ease of the Corona Virus lockdown period, we started our training with young girls again. At this time we were focused in low-income communities in Lagos State.



here we are


we achieved it

We got into collaboration with the Lagos State Ministry of Education in training 150 junior secondary school girls from Ogombo Community Junior Secondary school on Computer Literacy. When we met these girls, they could not even use a computer, some have not touched a computer before and some have not even seen a computer so close to them in real life. This give us joy in what we are doing by taking ICT skills to the doorsteps of girls from poor backgrounds. Educating girls in ICT might be very tasking and required lots of patience for girls with such backgrounds to catch, but we are proud of our girls and the work they are doing so far. We are embarking on training 200 girls from public schools across Nigeria on a yearly basis. We are focused on selected low-income communities where the need for girls in ICT is very high.
If we are talking about economic and technological advancement, then the girl child education especially in ICT must be given undivided attention.

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