We invest in women and girls

so that they can have the technological skills to turn their lives and communities around.

Alero Thompson

Founder/Chief Education Officer

Welcome to Blue Sands Academy

We invest in women and girls so that they can have the technological skills to turn their lives and communities around. The participation of women in the Nigerian tech sector is low. In a survey of 93 technology firms by ONE Campaign and the Center for Global Development, only about 30% of businesses were owned by women, mostly concentrated in e-commerce and enterprise solutions.

Of the 93 surveyed tech firms, only six had a woman in a top management position. Worse still, more than one-third of the survey tech firms employed no women at all. This is why we took it upon ourselves to engage young girls in ICT training, connect them to mentors that will guide them through a career path in tech.

Our Vision

We provide access to life changing opportunities where young girls and women will find fulfilment in life and their career path. In essence, we build the future female technology entrepreneurs “tech-preneurs” today where more women will solve global problems using technology. Blue Sands Academy is into education technology for the girl child in Nigeria that is enhancing the digital knowledge of women and girls and introducing them into the business and technological world.

Our Mission

To raise women and girls who will become leaders and change-makers through actively empowering them with ICT, business and financial literacy skills.

Our Services

Digital Skills Training

We teach women and girls how to use a computer and also computer programming alongside entrepreneurial skills to become creators 

Tech Competitions

Blue Sands Academy uses innovative and exciting models to stir the interest of girls to embrace ICT as the new normal in this 21st Century..

Economic Empowerment of Rural Women

We provide business skills opportunities, training, funding for rural women.  We carved out our program for rural women to cover the following areas.

Skills Training For Persons With Disabilities

We also offer subsidized training for persons with disabilities in technical and vocational education and training is one of our core areas of responsibility.

Digital Skills Training/ICT Competitions

Secondary school girls are being trained on computer literacy and computer programming where they build tech solutions to address problems in their communities. We take the girls through the process of ideation, then developing solutions and also give them access to tech competitions where they pitch their solutions to investors.

Women & Girls with Disabilities

People living with disabilities are the most underserved demographics, society most times forgets or neglects their inclusion to things that can benefit them. This is why we provide access to skills acquisition and connect them to job opportunities.

Economic Empowerment of Rural Women

Rural women in Nigeria make up over 45% of Nigeria’s population and 80% of these women lack financial literacy skills and also access to finance. We provide financial literacy training and resources for rural women to start small trading businesses so that they will be able to cater for themselves and also contribute to the economy.


Our Team

Alero Thompson

Alero is a game-changer, a life moulder, a talent hunter, the Founder and Chief Education Officer of Blue Sands Academy. She was recently featured in a U.K Magazine, The Times Magazine that talked about her ICT projects with girls in Nigeria.

Kingsley Okechukwu

Kingsley Okechukwu is the Co-Founder and he holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. Kingsley has over a decade of experience working in a technology company and also one-year of business and entrepreneurship training in the Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship ...

Omaka Samuel

Omaka Samuel is the Chief Operations Officer, he has a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science. Omaka oversees all IT operations of Blue Sands Academy. He has worked with Tutapis Technologies, and WoodHall Capital Foundation, Haske Water Aid...

Collins Njoku

Collins Njoku is the Program Director and he has 4 year experience in organizing tech programs for students. He has worked with two tech training organizations where he gained the experience in project management.


Blue Sands Academy has collaborated with some reputable
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