One Girl One Laptop Initiative

With a vision to raise women and girls who will become leaders and change-makers through actively empowering them with ICT, business and financial literacy skills. Blue Sands Academy has designed a social impact programme with the aim of reaching out to young girls and women who can’t afford a laptop but are desirous of acquiring a digital skill.


The programme objective rest on three pillars:

  • Skill Empowerment
  • Tool Empowerment
  • Mindset Change


With these key pillars, the initiative focus on giving the girl child a tool. This tool can be used to acquire any digital skill of choice whether it is graphic design, copy writing, coding, animation etc. the possibilities are endless for a girl child who is equipped with a working laptop.


The skill empowerment focuses using the tool empowerment strategy to acquire any digital skill of choice. In a digital technology age, the benefits of having aa digital skill far outweighs the cost and risk involved in having a digital skill.


Mindset change is the final tool for anyone to become effective and result driven. A lot can’t be achieved on the outside without first changing the inside. We essentially want the girl child to be seen for who she really is worth through mindset change.

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