Alero Thompson

Founder/Chief Education Officer

Alero is a game-changer, a life moulder, a talent hunter, the Founder and Chief Education Officer of Blue Sands Academy. She was recently featured in a U.K Magazine, The Times Magazine that talked about her ICT projects with girls in Nigeria. She was competitively selected among the best 100 in the Donors for Africa Social Innovators Boot Camp program for those creating impacts in their communities.  She is also the Advocacy Officer of the African Youth Union Commission where she advocates for programs that build the capacities of youths. Alero is a Global Peace Ambassador; this award was given to her for her passion for a peaceful world. She is an Alumni of the African Women Entrepreneurship Cooperative program-AWEC where she underwent a 1-year training in business and leadership and had a workshop with other 200 women in Tanzania.


The work she does in her country has brought her national and international awards like “Best Innovative Idea 2019, Best ICT Mentor by the Federal Ministry of Information and Technology. She has successfully equipped over 2000 girls in digital skills and got the approval and support from the Kaduna state government to train 7000 secondary school girls in her Girls for Tech initiative.


She is also a Front-End Developer/Obama Fellow/Global Peace Ambassador/YALI Alumni/TEF Alumni. She was also honoured with 100 Women in Development by Donors For Africa. She was recently given the Nigeria National Education Award.

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